Vol. 9 No. 2 (2011): European History of Social Work

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Special Issue on European History of Social Work – and anew look of the SW&S-Journal!

The current financial crisis in Europe appears to be the further strengthening of the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009. But in contrast to the marked silence of alternative positions in 2008, the current European debate has opened spaces for anti-hegemonic positions and practices. We can also find more than single voices trying to make sense out of the developments called „financial and economical crisis“ regarding to the cultural and social dimension of these radical shifts in political economy. The demonstrations in of the „European Summer“ in Athens, London, Rome, Madrid, or Lisbon and the European part of the and global occupy movement represents a growing political and public struggle about the future of Europe and the future in Europe.

On that background Social Work & Society is very pleased to be able to present a SW&S.Special Issue on European History of Social Work, edited by Mirja Satka (University of Helsinki) and Caroline Skehill (Queens University of Belfast). All contributors ask for the historical and often transnational antecedents of the current transformation processes in Europe.
The SW&S.Special Issue European History of Social Work contains papers by Timo Harrikari on the Making of the First Child Welfare and Juvenile Crisis in Finland, by Gisela Haus on Habituation, Coercion, Education: Labour in the History of Social Welfare, by Vesna Leskošek on Historical Perspective on the Ideologies of Motherhood and its Impact on Social Work, by Kristina Popova on Between Public Health and Social Work: Visiting Nurses in the Struggle Against Poverty and Infant Mortality in Bulgaria 1923-1934 and by Berteke Waaldijk on Social Work Between Oppression and Emancipation. Histories of Discomfort and Inspiration in Europe.

Further on, the new current SW&S.Issue presents papers by Tumani Malinga, Poloko N. Ntshwarang on Alternative Care for Children in Botswana: a Reality or Idealism?, new SW&S.Essays by Sabine Hering and by Hannele Forsberg and Tarja Pösö, an Historical Portrait on the Austrian social work theorist Ilse Arlt (Maria Maiss), a Book Review by Nicola Carr, and of course a new keyword in our SW&S.Glossary by Kaspar Viladsen.

Last but not least, we want to advise you to our new design and our new structure: SW&S has changed fundamentally – both aesthetically and functionally. Beside our new new multi-lingual abstract-structure in five languages (Thanks again to our translators: Antje Brock, Zoe Clark, Stephan Dahmen, Ksenia Kuzmina, Daniel Rebbe, Bettina Ritter, Emilie Rosenstein & Yafang Wang) we offer a totally re-newed look, a better structure and a modified search in SW&S from now on.

Enjoy our improved Social Work & Society-Journal!

Published: 2011-10-05