Positions of Social Workers’ Views About Residential Care for People with Dementia


  • Zuzana Havrdová Charles University
  • Jiří Šafr Charles University
  • Ingrid Štegmannová Charles University


residemtial care


Reform of the social services in the Czech Republic faces numerous obstacles in individual care, mainly in residential services. Many different professions participate in these services provided to care recipients. To show how social work may contribute to reforms in this area, we present the views of social workers about the care provided within a team of different professionals. We used a questionnaire survey to study the respondents’ readiness to apply the person-centred approach in a group of 560 professionals working in a number of residential facilities for the elderly. Our results show that regardless of the organisational context, social workers tend towards the client-centred approach more often than other professionals. The organisational context influences however the perspectives of other professionals.