Professionalization in low-threshold drug aid – between managerialism and practitioner knowledge


  • Joachim Thönnessen University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück
  • Christiane Westerveld Caritas Osnabrück


Managerialism, low-threshold drug help, social policies, resonance, acceptance-oriented drug work


This article deals with the socio-political effects of a development toward more "managerialism" that has taken place over several decades up to the present day. Using the practical example of low-threshold drug help, it asks to what extent this service, which is based on empathy, contact and resonance, is compatible with the movement toward a business model that is profitable for users, providers and funding bodies. The method is based on ideal-typical case descriptions, personal experience and a theoretical analysis of relevant literature on the topics of "management" and "low-threshold addiction support". The article refers primarily to developments in the German context, but can - with certain qualifications - also be used to describe developments in comparable countries.






Social Policy in Social Work Education and Practice - Innovative Approaches