Child protection in Germany and Russia from a practitioner’s point of view: Preliminary findings from an international comparative research project


  • Michael Herschelmann University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer
  • Nataliya Komarova Moscow Region State University
  • Tatyana Suslova Moscow Region State University
  • Albina Nesterova Moscow Region State University


Violence against children is a world-wide problem. International comparative research can be used to derive options for combating this phenomenon through comparisons of the different child protection systems existing in various countries. This research project compares the child protection systems in Germany and Russia by having the same case vignette discussed by practitioners in both countries to obtain an insight in how the German and Russian child protection systems operate. The first preliminary results provide an insight into the child protection practice in both countries, with their similarities and differences.






Special Issue: "Child Maltreatment, Child Protection and Child Well-being"