Co-production Approaches in Social Research with Children and Young People as Service Users - Challenges and Strategies


  • Timo Ackermann Alice Solomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin
  • Dirk Schubotz Queen’s University Belfast


In this article we address some of the key issues present in participatory and co-production approaches in social research, in particular in research with children and young people. Participatory research approaches emerged in response to the failure of conventional research to tackle issues of inequality, marginalisation and injustice. In the last three decades, participatory approaches have increased in popularity and have experienced extensive diversification and proliferation. This contribution will start with a brief reflection on the theoretical background of co-production approaches. Using insights from our own research practice, we will then focus on strategies and practical steps in the implementation of participatory research approaches. We will conclude with a critical reflection on the future challenges of co-production approaches and the question to what extent participatory research practice has really been able to live up to the promise of addressing marginalisation, inequality and exclusion of research participants and their communities.






Special Issue: "Child Maltreatment, Child Protection and Child Well-being"