Teaching Poverty in Social Work Classroom: Perspectives from Global South and Policy Implications


  • Gao Jianguo Shandong University
  • Rajendra Baikady Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • S.M Sajid Jamia Milia Islamia
  • Cheng Shengli Shandong University
  • Wang Yuxiang Shandong Youth University of Political Science


The idea of this special issue originated from a research collaboration meeting which took place at Shandong Youth University of Political Science, PR China in 2019 between the social work educators from India and China (guest editors of this special issue). The idea was further encouraged by our own teaching experience to social work students and the questions we encountered during discussion with students on multiple dimensions of poverty and how it impacts on the services and interventions rendered by professional social workers? The editorial team consists of four members having vast teaching and academic administrative experience in reputed educational institutions, where as one member is an early career researcher exploring social work education and research through international exposures and research.

This special issue aims to explore the following objectives-

  • Extent to which poverty is addressed in social work curriculum?
  • The ways in which social work address poverty and the related concerns in different socio-political contexts?
  • Perspectives of social work educators and students on poverty and the manner in which these affect their sensitivity and professional development?