Distributed Leadership: A framework for enhancing quality in early learning programs


  • Heather Beaudin Heather Beaudin


Early childhood education, leadership, distributed leadership, quality child care


The first three years of a child’s life can drastically impact the next 80 years of their life. Consequently, high quality early learning programs that enrich and enable a child’s potential are fundamental to our society. With ambiguity surrounding the concept of quality itself, it is difficult to assess, monitor and/or ensure all children experience high quality programs. Strong leadership is required to support the navigation of quality in each program and community. With early childhood education leaders balancing complex roles, this article suggests they begin to distribute leadership as a tool for enhancing program quality. Distributed leadership is outlined as an ideal leadership framework for three main reasons related to solving organizational problems, alignment, and empowerment. With any leadership approach, challenges are inevitable and presented towards the latter part of the article.




Special Issue: "Early Childhood Education and Care"