Congress of Social Pedagogy – USP / MAC / FMU: Social Pedagogy: Impasses, Challenges and Perspectives in Construction


  • Maria Stela Santos Graciani Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo


30 years ago, the prominent subjects that they worried the social scientists, educators, were linked themes to the economical development, the modernization, the political participation, the democracy or the social mobility called direct or indirectly the education. Today the poverty and the social exclusion, they are dominant themes, that request attention and focus definition immediately, in the heart of the socioeconomic totality of the ones that generate poverty, social inequality and injustices for most of the excluded population of the society. Without a doubt, never these thematic were absent of the discussion and of the social debate, however, today they are put in first plan, in what they refer to the perspectives paradigms and conceptual, linked directly to concrete and emerging public politics, besides necessary and urgent.